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You dream of taking your students on a retreat abroad, but:

*You find it difficult to find a beautiful, affordable and inspiring place?

*You prefer to spend all your time on the organization and completion of the Yoga part of the Retreat and not on all the hassle surrounding it?

*You are looking for support because you do not speak the language of the country, do not know your way around or have little experience in organizing a Retreat?

*You don't want to waste your time looking for a hostess, cook, cleaners, etc.?


Then you've come to the right place:

I will introduce myself very briefly. I am Anita Hageman, Visual Artist and owner of Bed & Breakfast Bastide La Folle du Logis. The Bastide is situated in a beautiful location in the south of Provence. I have been receiving guests here for 15 years now: in July and August mainly B&B guests, but outside the high season also many groups: golf friends, year clubs, girlfriends and network clubs. In addition, I have been organizing Painting workshops for 15 years and recently a number of "mini" Yoga Retreats.

My dream is to expand the range of workshops and retreats, but I can't do that alone. I have therefore decided to facilitate my location this year so that it can be used optimally and many more people can enjoy our beautiful Bastide.


What I have to offer you

*A beautiful location in the south of Provence. The Bastide dates from 1890, of course adapted to this time with all comforts, but with many preserved authentic elements.

* Our garden is no less than 10,000 m2, with various terraces, a beautiful swimming pool, lounge areas, jeu de boules court, fruit and olive trees and everywhere places where you can retreat.

*We currently have 8 sleeping places (shared rooms) and the possibility to also accommodate guests at a nearby (3 min.) B&B.

*The Yoga room is in the back part of the garden. Unfortunately we can't show any pictures of this yet because we are still working hard on it. This part of the garden has now been completely levelled, a beautiful platform has been created, electricity has been installed and the first additional trees have been planted. A beautiful stretch tent will be placed on a platform on the platform, decorated in the style of the house, where the Yoga classes are given.

*I now have 15 years of experience in hosting groups in the broadest sense of the word: tailor-made programs, guidance and care.

* I also regularly cook for large groups. I can therefore take care of the entire culinary process of the Retreat. From the first juice and tea in the morning to lunch and a multi-course dinner. I generally cook from the season, organic as much as possible with a Mediterranean twist and both vegetarian and vegan meals are also possible.

*I can also support you in the preparation of a Retreat, making the program and publicity. But I can also support you in the lessons because I myself teach Restorative Yoga, meditation lessons, Chakra workshops, organize silent walks and Intuitive painting lessons.


Interested..., do you need more information or would you like to make an appointment with me?


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